Software Design

CPSC 462    Fall 2017

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Unified Process (UP), UML, Patterns, Agile Methods

Class Meeting Schedule

CPSC 462 (03): MW 3:00pm – 4:50pm

CPSC 462 (01): MW 5:00pm – 6:50pm       

Faculty Information

Chang-Hyun Jo
Professor of Computer Science

Ph.D. in Computer Science

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Some Examples of Student Projects:



Use Case:

Add a Course


This use case is used by a student in order to add a class to his or her current class schedule.



Stakeholders and Interests List:

  • Student: needs to add a class to his or her class schedule.
  • Professor: wants to know who registers his or her class.
  • University: wants to maintain the registration information of all students.   


The university class schedule is created.

Student successfully logs in and chooses to register for courses.



Use Case Main Scenario (Basic Flow)

Actor Actions

System Responses

1a. The student starts the Select An Open Section use case and chooses an open section (see the Select An Open Section use case).


2a. The student chooses the “Adding” option.

1b.1. The system returns an open section number (see the Select An Open Section use case).

1b.2. The system displays a prompt asking for adding or rejecting the selected open section.


2b.1. The system adds the course to the student schedule.

2b.2. The system displays a prompt: “the course is added”.

Extensions (Alternative Flows)

2A. The student chooses the “Rejecting” option.

2b. The system exits the use case.


Special Requirements:

Response time is no longer than 1 minute.

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